Whether it’s a kayak you can stow on the roof of your car, a center console, runabout, or cruiser you can tow, or a yacht that glints in a ritzy marina or bobbles quietly in a lonely port, there is undeniably something special about being on the water. Here are a few arguments in favor of purchasing that yacht:

Taking a trip on the water might help relieve stress

Time spent travelling is a consideration. Constant interruptions from phones, texts, emails, and other technology squawk, trill, and beep to demand our attention. We need a mental break. Scientists who study the ocean claim that being near water has a calming effect on our minds. Marine scientist Wallace J. Nichols suggests that being near the ocean might help people relax and bond, spark new ideas and insights, and even heal wounds. Having a boat of your own is a great way to relax, build relationships, and let go of the burdens of daily life.

Rowing a boat is a great cardiovascular workout

Recreational boating activities include but are not limited to swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, wakeboarding, water skiing, and wake surfing. Fishing can be a lot of fun, whether you are trolling for the proverbial “big one” or simply having a good time with a cheap casting rod. You can also enjoy fresh air and exercise, and you may even catch enough fish for dinner.

Getting a boat requires you to develop skills that you may not already have

In addition to being essential for the safe operation of boats, developing new skills is a great way to keep your brain engaged. You will enjoy learning everything from knots to navigation, from anchoring to marina docking, from port to starboard to head to stern. Acquaint yourself with the lingo, the rules of the road, the peculiarities of your equipment, and the particulars of driving in all current, tide, and wind circumstances.

Family bonds may be strengthened by owning a boat

If you own a boat, everyone in your family has the option of joining in on the fun. If you want to help your kids grow, you should encourage them to learn new skills alongside you. Participate in a lecture as a group at the local Power Squadron or Coast Guard Auxiliary, or look for videos on YouTube covering topics like knots, weather forecasting, and navigation to learn more. You will learn to trust one another’s expertise and find out about stuff you never would have found otherwise.

It’s a huge privilege to be accepted into the many boating subcultures throughout the world. Anyone from a brain surgeon to an auto mechanic to an attorney to a teacher can relate to being out on the lake. Members of the boating community are there for one another. They cooperate by trading information, tools, and strategies. They talk shop about where to drop anchor and trade cookbooks and recipes. And they throw some of the best potlucks anywhere in the globe.

When you own a boat, you get to decide how you want to spend your vacation

When you’re out at sea, you’re free to travel anywhere, whenever you choose. Ten days in the Keys, a weekend in Bimini, or a Saturday on an Intracoastal sandbar—you choose the pace. The cap on your finances is entirely up to you. When and what you eat is entirely up to you. You may sleep anywhere you choose. You may go all out or keep things simple on your boating trip. You may also join other boaters on an Escapade if you’re an InterMarine customer. When you book a boating vacation with some online agent, you can sit back and relax. Your next step is to look for ad listings of mini boat for sale, and you’ll be all set.

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