Many of the signs of a bad Ethernet cable can be attributed to problems with other network hardware. However, when a single computer or device is affected, the cable is usually to blame. A faulty Ethernet cable will not affect the rest of the network. Bad Ethernet cables can lead to service disruptions or slow performance.

Here are signs that your Ethernet cable might be faulty.

Loss of cable connection

There could be an issue with the Ethernet cable if a network connection fails. It could be that the cable or the adapter is faulty if the light fails to come on when you connect the Ethernet cable to the adapter. If the Window Taskbar displays a “No Connection” icon or pops a notification telling you there is no network connection, double-check that the Ethernet cable is properly connected. Bad cables won’t work, regardless of the connection. If all devices lose Internet connection, check the Ethernet cables between network switches and routers or between routers and modems.

Slow and intermittent connections

An erratic connection or slow speed on one network device might be caused by a damaged cable. Cable wear and tear can weaken the internal connections, resulting in poor connections. A bend in the cable might cause the wire to snap and lead to a poor connection. If this is the case, you can handle the cable problem by straightening it out. In the case that the cable is worse for wear, you might have to change it.

Restoring the connection with a tug

If you can set up a failed connection after simply wiggling or tugging your cable, then you might be dealing with a faulty or damaged cable. The Ethernet cable comes with a plastic lever built into it to help secure it inside the Ethernet adapter. It’s impossible to maintain the connection if the lever breaks because gravity holds the cable in place. The cable would be susceptible to interruption with no lever to lock it in place.

Replacement of the cable resolves the issue

If you replace an Ethernet cable with a new one and all of the issues disappear, then you know that the cable is malfunctioning. This means that you can strike out other Ethernet hardware being the cause of the problem. However, if you’re still experiencing issues even with a new cable, the problem is not with the cable. In the case of particularly long Ethernet cables or cables that pass through obstacles such as walls, it may not be easy to test a new cable. If you need to get new cables, you can find some good options at


Sometimes, network users fail to note that something might be wrong with their Ethernet cable until it’s too late. This is why it’s best to know the various signs that indicate that you might be dealing with a faulty cable. That way, you’ll know what part of your network setup is causing issues and how to fix them. You might have to replace the cable, especially if you’ve tried other means of fixing it.

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