A swinging chair, known by different names, is a hanging seat used indoors and outdoors for relaxation and to add style to a place. The driving popularity of these chairs is because their comfort level can instantly vanish all the exhaustion of a person and gives them a feeling of pleasure and freedom.

Since the invention of swing chairs, the manufacturers have continuously upgraded the designs and convenience level of these chairs. Now, if you’ll browse the internet, countless eye-striking designs are available on the market.

This article will explain to you the trendy styles of swing chairs and available materials the market offers. So, the buyer can easily choose the most appropriate chair.

Styles of Swing Chairs

1. Traditional Style of Swing Chairs

Traditional swing chairs are simple, the most elegant and sturdy chairs of all time. Most traditional style chairs come up in wood material which makes them long-lasting.

These chairs are either ceiling mounted or have wood frames. These chairs are the best for outdoor placement, including the gardens or balconies.

2. European Style of Swing Chairs

European style takes the swing chair design to the next level from the traditional one. This style is demanding because of its unique and less space-covering design. The hammock is the most prevalent design in European style, which is a curvy egg-shaped chair that is quite pleasant and comfortable to sit on.

Hammock chairs are available in almost all different materials and can be ceiling or stand mounted. Based on the type of material, you can hang European-style chairs inside and outside the house.

Types of Swing Chairs Based on Materials

Swing chairs are divided into five major categories based on their material.

· Metal

Metal is the most durable swing chair material recommended for the backyard and garden. Metal chairs are affordable and eco-resistant and require low maintenance. However, proper cushioning is needed to make these chairs comfortable.

· Fabric/Mesh

Fabric/mesh swing chairs are the best solution for summer vacations, beach trips, or hiking. Fabric becomes the best solution for relaxation because of its low-maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and easy installation.

· Wood

Wood is the most commonly used material in traditional swing chairs. The wood chairs are sturdy and can last more than a decade.

Wood swing chairs are suitable for outdoor use as extreme weather conditions, and rain can damage the wood quality. Wood swing chairs are more comfortable but also expensive than the metal ones.

· Rattan

Rattan is a vine-like plant that grows in tropical regions. Due to its flexible and sturdy nature, this material is widely applicable from furniture to other items.

Rattan swing chairs are becoming trendy because of their alluring designs, lightweight, flexibility, sustainability, and low cost. Rattan is commonly used to make hammock chairs.

You can hang the rattan chairs anywhere from your small room to the tree in the garden.

· Plastic

In the world of elders, here comes the solution for your toddlers “the plastic swing chairs. Plastic swing chairs are specially designed for kids. Plastic chairs are pretty safe and colorful to keep the kids engaged and happy.


A single swing chair is a reliable solution to many problems, from stress to fatigue. If you are thinking about purchasing a swing chair, make sure to pick an option that complements well with your home decor.

Alibaba offers a wide range of swing chairs within all budget range and styles to meet the demand of customers from diverse background.

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