Shower heads and other bathroom fixtures are incomplete without finishes. Finishing is the final round of shower head manufacturing that determines their protection level and aesthetics. Shower head finishing is a process of shower head coating with different metals and alloys.

It is because of finishes that some shower heads are shinny while others give matt appearance even when their constructive material is the same. Declinko rain, LED, and dual shower head collection comprises various finishes of brass, stainless steel, ABS plastic, copper, porcelain, ceramic, PVC, and aluminum.

This article enlists all the finishes you will get in declinko and other market shower heads with their benefits. So, you can easily decide which shower head finish you should choose. Let’s get started!

Types of Shower Head Finishes

#1 Brass

Brass is the most common finishing type that can be of different forms; polished, satin, matt, and brushed. Brass finish protects the brass and other metal shower heads from oxidation. Highly reactive metals can perform oxidation which results in metal rusting.

However, the brass coating forms a protective layer on such metals and minimizes their risks of getting oxidized and rusted. You can choose between antique/matt or shiny finish in shower heads.

#2 Chrome

The chrome finish that is also known as chrome plating is the most common finish in shower heads. This finish reduces the surface roughness and makes them easy to clean. The major benefit of chrome plating is that they protect the shower heads from corrosion, water spots, and other conditions.

#3 Brushed Nickel

As the name indicates, a brushed nickel finish gives a semi-silky brushed look. Unlike chrome and brass, this coating is a bit softer and delicate with an elegant appearance. Shower heads’nickel finish is durable and lasts longer without showing water spots and fingerprints, which reduces their cleaning needs.

#4 Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze is a dark chocolate color coating that is designed to mimic Victorian Era craft finishing. This finish doesn’t easily blend with many bathroom interiors, making it less common.

However, due to their remarkable appeal and dark color, this finish lasts longer than any other type. You can choose rubbed bronze shower heads to minimize the cleaning hassle.

#5 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel finish comes up in brushed, matt, and mirror forms. This finish is known for its softness and smooth nature, minimizes the cleaning hassle, and provides a shiny and decorative appearance.

Benefits of Shower Head Finishes

While doing market research, you will hardly find a shower head without finishing. As these coatings offer much more than the looks, you should carefully consider one. The major benefits of these finishes are;

  • Protection from the environment and chemical reactions
  • Increase decorative appeal and durability
  • Resistance against corrosion, water spots, and other damages
  • Prolong the shower head life
  • Reduce surface roughness and provide better cleaning


Hopefully, this article has already cleared your thoughts about what shower head coatings are and why they are essential. When purchasing a shower head, consider its finishing along with all important factors. Declinko shower heads collection offers all these coating options. You can visit the site to pick the most appropriate and eye-appealing one.

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