The straight lace front wigs are very beneficial. The wig offer’s one an option to wear them for any occasion they wish to. Some like the 13×4 lace front wig have an incredibly soft texture. The soft texture ensures that it has a superb feel to it. Additionally, the straight wig affords one with various styling options. Below are some of the best options.

1. Color on the straight lace front wigs

One of the best benefits of wigs is that they allow one to dye them. Therefore, you can choose to make your wig as fun as you like. You can go for whole wig hair coloring or just the highlights. For example, you can choose bright colors for hot summer days, such as red, orange, pink, and so many more. The bright colors will make you look and feel bold.

Furthermore, you can easily make heads turn with bright colors. The vital point to consider is to follow the proper dyeing procedure. Also, use the recommended wig’s dye.

2. A low ponytail

The low ponytail trend is common for the lace front wigs. It ensures that no one can see the wefts present at your neck’s nape. Furthermore, the low ponytail style is exquisite. It will make you look sophisticated. The style will ensure that hair does not come up to your face on busy days. Therefore, it allows you enough room to work or work out.

3. Curls on the straight lace front wigs

The best way to have fun with your straight lace front wigs is to curl them. Curling a wig is relatively a straightforward process. You only need to use rollers or curling iron. The rollers are a perfect option for those who want to maintain their wig’s longevity. At the same time, the curling iron is best for those who wish to have quick curls. The critical consideration while using the curling iron is to use only adequate heat. Too much power may damage one’s wig.

4. Bangs

The bangs style will never go out of fashion. Therefore, if you wish to style your wig, you can add the bangs. The bangs will allow for the hair to fall on your forehead. The style is fabulous. Furthermore, it is perfect for people of all ages. Additionally, you can choose to consult with a wig specialist on the best way to install the bangs. Some of the best bangs options are wispy bangs, choppy bangs, blunt bangs, or curtain bangs.

5. Side braid on the straight lace front wigs

The side braid style is exquisite. You only need to braid your hair on whatever side you choose. The best thing about this style is perfect for gym sessions. It ensures that your hair stays perfectly in place as you work out.

6. An ear-to-ear braid

The ear-to-ear braid is where you pick hair from both sides and braid them to meet at the center. The style is currently very trendy. Furthermore, it ensures that one looks fabulous and is confident.


The straight lace front wigs are fabulous looking and allow various styling options. The various styles ensure that one can always have a new appearance. The above are some of the trendy lace front wigs styles available.

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